Arbonne Fundraiser

4 Mar

With summer fast approaching, it’s time for Sowers of Seed to begin preparing for our lunch program! We are currently hoping to purchase a set of stainless steel cookware and this Arbonne fundraiser will greatly help us reach that goal.

If you’re not familiar with Arbonne, here’s a quick rundown.  They have been around for 34 years and carry over 350 health and wellness products from skincare to supplements.  All their products are vegan; dairy, soy and gluten-free; free of chemical dyes and fragrances, free of petroleum-based products and completely free of animal byproducts.  The products they create are truly pure, safe and beneficial. Arbonne also has a money back guarantee, so these purchases are risk-free.

So here’s how you can help Sowers of Seed:

  1. Visit to shop online. Items promoted for this fundraiser are suggested, but not limiting you from finding something you really need.
  2. Enter the ID 13668728 to support. 60% of proceeds will go toward Sowers of Seed and feeding children healthy lunches this summer.
  3. It’s that simple, your order will ship directly to you!

Christmas Market

28 Oct

On Saturday, December 7th, Sowers of Seed will be hosting our annual Christmas Market! The event will take place at Buck Creek Park from 9 am to 3 pm. It’s a large part of our fundraising and will benefit Sowers of Seed’s summer lunch program.

It will feature locally made items. Some of the vendors are: Sassyfrass Tees, Blue Fin Market, Fay’s Frills, Jim Z bracelets, Keepin’ Knit Real, Divalicious Creations, Handmade Cross Jewelry, Crickett Art, Chic Wreaths and Designs, Tangled Designs, Warm and Wool Free. Along with the aforementioned there will be local amateur artists and specialty food vendors (fresh baked goods, spicy jerky, etc.). The Sowers of Seed kitchen team will also be selling hot and ready concessions.

Please be sure to mark your calendars and come out to this event! It’s a great way to help support Sowers of Seed, local artisans, and stock up on Christmas gifts.

Kitchen at Top Speed!

8 Oct

Here is a new video from our kitchen this summer! We had a blast preparing lunches at Buck Creek’s concession stand kitchen. I can’t wait until next year.

Cookbook Fundraiser

6 Sep

Although we can always trust in God to provide for us, one of Sowers of Seeds fundraising items is our cookbook, Our Table to Yours.
GetAttachment front cover

The cookbook features 186 recipes (some over 100 years old) collected from friends and family. Other than delicious recipes, it also features “Helpful Hints” throughout the book, blank pages for adding your own recipes, and an area to slide in recipe cards (similar to the Publix Simple Meals recipes).
GetAttachment insert pageGetAttachment entree recipes

GetAttachment easel mountThe book is in a three-ring binder with a washable vinyl front (for messy cooks). Also included is a portable easel for holding the book upright while in use.

All sales of the cookbooks support the summer lunch program for Alabaster children who qualify for free or reduced lunches during the school year.

It costs $18 (this includes shipping and is tax free!)  and available for purchase here through secure PayPal.

Stove Transformation

22 Jul

For our new kitchen, we were blessed enough to have a stove donated by Leigh and Randy Watts. It was a bit too low to the floor, so Butch and Janice Clark at Seed Design and Brick LLC donated stone bricks to give it leverage. Jason at M&M Hardware also gave us the cord and burner pans required for full operation. Because of these generous people we were able to have a reliable method of cooking.




God’s Grace

16 Jul

This week, the children’s craft revolved around the theme of “God’s Grace” as seen in the story of Noah and the Ark. The craft made was a small sheep, covered in cotton balls, used to represent the pure animals that God sent Noah to take on to the Ark for future sacrifice.


SOS director and volunteer preparing the crafts.


Example of the finished product.

New Kitchen

15 Jul

We have access to a new kitchen this summer at the Buck Creek Park concession stand. This has been quite a blessing because there is plenty of room for us to cook, package meals, and store the supplies used for the nutrition and gospel education.


Generously donated oven


Volunteers prepping for the next day.


Hot lunches are packaged in styrofoam containers to keep the meals nice and warm until lunch time.


Chicken salad day


Wrapping ham and cheese sandwiches


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